What Goes Up, Must Come Down

I’m not talking about gravity, I’m talking about the weather.  And gas prices, for that matter.  Last week started on a warm note.  For two or three days it got up to 85 degrees, and because it didn’t rain on those days, the ground began to dry out (the flood waters we got in April are now in Louisiana, as I write this).

Leive and I have done a little work in the garden, because May is a prime planting month around here.  I planted a row and a half of garlic, a dozen potatoes, two sweet potato vines, and six tomato plants.  On the dry days, digging to plant those items was a challenge, because the clay soil hardened.  Not as hard as adobe, but enough to work up a sweat while digging.  That’s something else we didn’t have to deal with in Florida; Florida soils are mostly sand.  Leive hasn’t done any planting yet; she has been pulling weeds so the beds will be bare when her seeds and plants go in.

On the radio last week, the weatherman said that summer began on Tuesday.  Did winter last too long, causing everyone else to forget what summer is like?  85 isn’t all that hot; where I come from the temperature has been bumping in the upper 90s.  Sure, it feels hot, but that’s probably humidity as much as heat.

More recently, however, it has been cold and wet again.  Since Sunday the temperature has been in the 40s most of the time.  Now we’re running the heat indoors instead of the air conditioning; a few days after I put the space heater away for the summer, Leive had to break it out again.  And the rain has come back!  The lawn needs mowing, and I’m hoping for at least one sunny day this week, so I can trim the grass.  Well, the potatoes I planted seem to like it cool & wet.  No wonder they do so well in Ireland.  Coming from a state that is hot & dry in May, I never expected May to be like this!

As for gas prices, here in Lexington they crossed the $4/gallon mark last week.  I’ve told readers before how gas prices are unstable in Lexington; on any day they’re either going up or down.  Since then, they have dropped to the $3.90-3.99 range at most gas stations, and a few gas stations are back in the $3.80s again.  That’s still a lot, but it could be worse.  Last Saturday I was in Louisville for a Pre-Paid Legal seminar, and all the gas stations over there charged more than $4 a gallon, so I chose to come back without filling up.

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