Jury Duty For Leive

As I write this, the royal wedding is less than six hours away.  Am I going to get up early to watch it?  Nah.  My brother reminded me yesterday that we kicked out the royal family in 1776.  This is their party, not ours.

At any rate, there’s news that is more important, in my opinion.  Like the tornadoes that struck six states yesterday, and killed nearly 300 people (so far).  Now I’m hearing this may be the worst day for tornadoes in US history since 1974.  Here’s a video of the one that devastated Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  I hope I never get that close!


And that’s not all.  Today I checked the weather for Florida, and for the area where I used to live (and where my Dad still resides), it was 99 degrees.  That’s got to be a record for April.  Fortunately it was nicer here in Kentucky – for a change.  In the daytime it was sunny and in the 60s, and we didn’t get rain until after sundown.

For us the main event of the day was that Leive reported for jury duty, at the downtown courthouse.  Today was orientation, which lasted for an hour and a half, and after this she will be on call for the next month, like I was in April 2009.  One thing’s for sure, they picked too many people for the jury pool this time.  Not only did they not have enough parking spaces for everyone, they didn’t have enough seats.  I ended up sitting next to a lady who was larger than me; she needed not only her own seat but also almost half of mine.  I haven’t been that cramped and uncomfortable in years; near the end I was about to request permission to sit on the floor!  Fortunately I do not expect the waiting to be as bad, on the days when Leive has to go in.

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