In Kentucky For Now

Yes, I returned from Georgia yesterday.  After a frustrating morning and delays in getting out of the Atlanta area, I sold a membership at the last possible moment, meaning I got a profit after all.  Afterwards I said, “May this be the worst business trip I ever have!”

I finally got on the road at 3 PM.  This time, by filling up my gas tank at the last gas station in Georgia, I was able to go all the way to Corbin, KY (about 188 miles) before I felt the need to stop again.  Somebody needs to tell the authorities in Tennessee to drop that state’s requirement for a license to sell Pre-Paid Legal.  Because of the license, folks like me are motivated to get across Tennessee as quickly as possible, so we can spend our money in the state on the other side.

The weather cooperated in Georgia and Tennessee.  In fact, those states are dry, like much of the Deep South right now.  How dry is it?  It is so dry that:

  • Baptists are baptizing by sprinkling.
  • Methodists are using baby wipes.
  • Presbyterians are telling everyone to wait until it rains.
  • Catholics are praying that their wine will turn into water.


But seriously, it started to get dark about 15 miles before I reached the Tennessee-Kentucky border.  Then a few miles after entering Kentucky, I noticed the road was wet in some spots. Then the rain started, and about the time I entered Madison county, it became a cloudburst.  Consequently the last forty miles of the trip were in a night-time thunderstorm.

For the past month, Kentucky hasn’t been dry at all; the weathermen are now saying we have gotten three times the usual rainfall for April, and the month isn’t over yet!  I guess that means we got the rain that should have fallen elsewhere.  This morning I saw the result for our yard; one week after mowing the lawn, it needed mowing again.

And that’s not all.  Judging from the news I heard from Georgia today, I may have to go back for another business presentation very soon, like later this week.  I’ll keep you posted.

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