Lexi Destroys Another Piece of Cake

For those who weren’t following the NCAA games, the University of Kentucky won again, this time beating North Carolina 76-69.  Go Cats, they’re headed to the Final Four for the first time since 1998!

Back with my family, today my granddaughter had a second party to celebrate her first birthday, because the first one was up in New York with the other grandparents.  This time it was at Mill Creek Regional Park in Statesboro, GA. Here Lexi does her thing again, to cheers from all of us.


By the way, we got done just in time, because a thunderstorm blew in as we were leaving, and dropped pea-sized hail when we got home.  And yesterday evening we had a near miss from some storms cells that were strong enough to contain tornadoes.  Meanwhile down in the part of Florida where we used to live, the high temperature was reported at 97 degrees!  In all the years I lived down there, I never remembered it getting above 90 in March; summer always started in April.  On the other hand, there was a bit of snow in Lexington last night.  Funny weather we are having.

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