Phone Upgrades

First of all, how about them Wildcats?  Last night’s basketball game against Ohio State was a lot like what we have seen in the tournament already.  Again the University of Kentucky barely won (62-60), and the winning basketball was scored 5 seconds before the end.  What’s more, the final shot came from Brandon Knight, after he had endured another poor game.  This puts UK in the Elite Eight; the next game is against the University of North Carolina, tomorrow at 4:55 PM EDT.

Cell phones are one of those inventions that we did not need when they first came out, but now we have trouble imagining life without them.  Earlier this week on the radio I heard a fellow call in to a talk show and say that when he lost his cell phone, it took three months to restore his life because he didn’t have copies of the phone numbers saved in the device.  I for one try to keep a phone list somewhere besides in my cell phone, including several committed to memory, but apparently a lot of folks aren’t that careful.

I am talking about cell phones because both Leive and I are upgrading ours this weekend.  Leive got a free smart phone from T Mobile last month, for being their customer for nearly five years.  As for me, the phone I’m upgrading to is just a little fancier than the no-frills model I had previously, but it’s a calling plan I can afford that will give me more minutes, and I can keep my old number.  Well, we called to activate Leive’s new phone yesterday, and I went online to activate mine today.  Preliminary test calls show that my activation went without a hitch, but the place we’re in right now is a dead zone for T Mobile phones, so we don’t know yet how well Leive’s phone will work.


On top of all that we’re having a delightful time with our granddaughter.  As noted previously, Lexi’s first birthday was last Wednesday.  She already had a birthday party with the other grandparents; now it’s our turn, so we’ll be having it tomorrow.  Here is Lexi trying on Leive’s sunglasses.


And this was the biggest surprise we got today.  Before we left Kentucky, Leive cooked hot chicken wings, one of her more popular recipes, so we wouldn’t have to eat in any restaurants on the way down.  Today Leive and Lindy gave some of the wings to Lexi, and she loved them! That orange stain on her mouth is Louisiana hot sauce. She didn’t get that taste from her parents, nor did it come from her other grandparents (Yankees aren’t fond of hot & spicy food, after all).  It only could have come from Leive & I.  Leive sees it as a sign that she’ll be a tough girl when she grows older.  I’m guessing the same, after seeing her grow red hair and hearing that she’s not afraid of anybody.  See you after the party!

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