Plenty of Buds, and Both Cars Are Back In Shape

Last March 18, I wrote that it looked like the flowering season here in Kentucky would not begin any earlier than usual.  Now I take that back, sort of.  The bulbs may have come out right on schedule, but today I saw white and pink flower buds opening up on trees all over the neighborhood.  Correct me if I am wrong, but in years past, didn’t they wait until the last week of March?

I told you all previously about the flat tire I got at the end of December.  With that car, the problems didn’t end when I got the flat fixed.  When I took it in for an oil change the mechanics refused to do it because the front was too low.  Moreover, it was bouncing like crazy.  Do you remember Hoppity Hop and Hoppity Horse, those big inflated balls with a handle that kids bounce around on?  Honestly, while driving I felt like I was riding one of those toys!

Anyway, I found out the problem was the forward struts, but couldn’t afford to get everything fixed until this month, so for January and February, I drove the other car exclusively.  Last week, I had the struts replaced, and today I had the alignment done, replaced the other front tire, and got an oil change.  Now the next time Leive & I go out of town, we’ll have a choice regarding which car to take.

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