Happy Purim 2011, and Other Fun

Another day with a lot to cheer about here.  The first day of spring is officially here, following a spectacular full moon last night; I hope you saw it.  According to Bing.com, if the Vernal Equinox had an official song, it would be this one:  “First Days of Spring,” from Noah and the Whale.  Unfortunately I can’t embed the video on this blog, because it’s not on YouTube, so click on the link below to hear it.


Yesterday the University of Kentucky won 71-63 against West Virginia, the school that beat us last year, so UK is now among the 16 semi-finalists.  Who was it who said, “Revenge is a dish best served cold?”

Today is Purim, the Jewish holiday that commemorates the defeat of an Iranian anti-Semite.  No, I’m not talking about a certain nut job alive today; I’m talking about Haman (read the Old Testament Book of Esther if you’re not familiar with the story).  It’s the happiest day of the year for Jews, and you’ll see kids dress up in cheerful costumes to celebrate; in that sense you can call it the Biblical alternative to Halloween.

Here in this house, we finally got some hamentaschen!  These are the cookies baked for Purim, folded into a triangle with apricot, raspberry or poppy-seed filling.  I complained in years past how hard it is to find hamentaschen in Kentucky, because there isn’t much of a Jewish community here.  By contrast, in Florida I could usually find them at Costco.  Even the local Meijer store didn’t stock them, though they stocked plenty of goodies for Hanukkah and Passover.  Once (I think it was 2009), I ended up taking some apple strudel to the men’s group at my church, because it was the closest thing I could find, and told them to pretend it was hamentaschen.  Well, this year Meijer came through and supplied the hamentaschen, in the aisle where they have the other kosher foods.  I bought two containers a week ago; here is how the cookies looked, both in and out of the box.



In other news, the next two generations of the family, Adam, Lindy and Lexi, have been in upstate New York for the past few days.  Lexi’s first birthday is next Wednesday, so they celebrated it with the other grandparents.  Here is a video showing what Lexi did with her birthday cake.  If I remember correctly, we didn’t let Lindy do anything with a cake that early, except look at it (LOL).


Finally, because Libya is in the news again, my brother shared this song that appeared on the Doctor Demento Show in the 1980s, “How Do You Spell Gadhafi?”  Aside from the reference to Ayatollah Khomeini, the song is still up to date.  Would you believe that a few years ago, Wikipedia listed 115 ways to spell the Libyan dictator’s name?

But personally, if I was looking for a parody song about Gadhafi, my first choice would be the one composed the first time we bombed Libya, in 1986.  Here it is, with some footage of our fighters:  the Muammar Mash!

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