Forty Years In Florida Did Not Prepare Me For A Day Like This

I saw the last of the Christmas snow as a gray drift, in a parking lot in Paris, KY on January 6.  Since then we’ve been getting more snow, an inch or two each day on Saturday, Monday and today.  Of course Leive hasn’t set foot outside the house lately, except on Sunday when we went to our pastor’s house; we were celebrating my birthday and she brought a turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes and yellow rice.

The city of Lexington has been in a dreary mood, not only because of the weather but also because the University of Kentucky lost both its football and its basketball game over the weekend.  Fortunately I heard the basketball team won today, so it looks like their slump was a short one.

During the past two weeks it looked like my father was on the way out.  He had a fainting spell last Sunday night; my sister and the caregiver called 911, and the paramedics got him in bed.  Leive was starting to hint that we need to go see him in Florida, and I answered that I didn’t want to go now, because of the weather and because neither car is currently fit for a long out-of-town trip.

Well, Dad went to the family doctor down there today, and it turns out he was misdiagnosed.  He didn’t have congestive heart failure, it was just a fluid buildup and low blood pressure, both caused by bad prescriptions.  My sister, who is staying in Florida this week, called me this evening with the good news.

I should have known that the hospital would misdiagnose Dad.  Nobody disagrees when I tell them we have better hospitals here in Kentucky.  Even the name of the place–Winter Park Memorial–should have been a warning. I don’t know about you, but to me it seems like bad advertising to tell everyone that you couldn’t save Winter Park!

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