Thawed Out, and Licensed in Florida

After a week of temperatures that dropped all the way to single-digit figures, we had a warming trend today.  It has been above freezing all day, and got as high as 48 in the afternoon.  Yesterday I started seeing green patches in the backyard, where the snow used to be.  Now most of the snow is gone, especially in the driveway, where the Buick was almost completely covered up.  Tomorrow is supposed to be like that, too, and then we’re supposed to have another round of freezing conditions.

The other news I have to report is that I finally got my Florida license for Pre-Paid Legal Services!  I have been working on this since the last week of October.  The biggest challenge was getting fingerprinted.  Since I’m not in Florida anymore, I had to go to the local police station to get it done, but when the fingerprint cards arrived in Tallahassee, the folks down there claimed that the cards were illegible!  Have years of working at a keyboard erased my fingerprints?  Some folks here think so.  I was fingerprinted for other reasons in 2006 and 2009, and no problems came up in either case.  The state ended up calling the FBI to do a background check on me, and evidently it turned out all right, because they granted my license today.

Now I got licensed for Illinois in May, and for Texas in August.  Both of those were easy; the application was only one page, and the fees were less.  Therefore I see Florida as the big prize, and since I still know more people in Florida, despite living for four years in Kentucky, this is going to help my business a lot.  Watch for success in the days and weeks ahead!

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