Don’t Forget to Vote

As I write this, it is less than ten hours before the polls open on Election Day.  From the looks of things, this is the most important mid-term election of my lifetime.  Today I read that when the Democrats gained control over both houses of Congress, it took forty years for them to alienate enough voters to make them give Congress back to the Republicans; that happened in 1994.  But once the Republicans were in power, instead of doing what they were elected to do, which included controlling government growth, they became comfortable and acted like “Democrats Lite.”  Consequently the Republican reign was much shorter; they were turned out after twelve years (2006).  Now after only being in charge for four years, liberal Democrats have offended the public, with their tax-and-spend policies and their elitist attitude that social engineering is more important than fixing the economy.  We need jobs, we can’t eat health care or “Cap & Trade,” but jobs clearly aren’t a priority for the White House or Capitol Hill.  Well, in a day or two we should know whether 2010 marks the end of America as we know it.

If you are a US citizen and registered to vote, please go to the polls and perform your civic duty tomorrow.  And read up a little on the candidates, to make sure you know who you are voting for.  When I look at the 8th congressional district in Florida, where two years ago the voters dumped a perfectly good Republican (Ric Keller) in favor of moonbat Alan Grayson, I figure ignorance is the only reason why they did it.  The last time I checked, both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi enjoyed only single-digit approval ratings in the polls; let’s do the country a favor and retire them, OK?


While we wait for the election results, I am thinking in particular of two races, the gubernatorial race in California and the Senate race in Florida.  I thought you were only allowed to be governor of California for two terms, so how can Jerry Brown get away with running for that office?  Does anybody besides me remember the last time he was governor (1974-82, in case you forgot)?  In Florida, we heard last week that a white Democrat (Bill Clinton) told the black Democratic candidate to drop out of the race so a white Independent can win, rather than a Latino Republican.  What happened to the Democrats being the party that favors diversity?  They ought to hang their heads in shame for this, and I expect they will, if Marco Rubio wins as expected.

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