I Can, I Will, and I Must

We got a little bit of rain on Sunday night and early on Monday.  Temperatures remained balmy until now, though; I didn’t need to wear a jacket whenever I went out.  Today the sky has been dreary grey since morning, with winds blowing in the 20-30 MPH range.  With all the leaves lying around, I felt it wasn’t a windstorm so much as a leaf storm.  At 1:30 we started getting rain as well, from a frontal system stretched all across the Midwest (at the time I’m writing this, it is running from Ontario to Tennessee).  So far the wind and rain around here haven’t been too heavy, though I hear that in the west, around Bowling Green and Louisville, they’ve gotten gusts strong enough to blow over the big trucks, what you call tractor-trailer rigs.

Last Wednesday at a gas station, I ran into Jeremy, the copier repairman from my former workplace.  He told me the Techpubs office has been confused and unhappy since I left.  however, I’m not expecting them to call the folks they let go, and ask them to come back.  This isn’t the first time I’ve been laid off — it happened in 1993, 1995, 2000 and 2005.  On none of those occasions were the ex-employees ever invited to return, when the company’s situation got better.

I haven’t found any good job prospects as of yet.  There isn’t much demand for tech writers, and I have yet to find anything that pays something comparable to what I was making at L-3.  No surprise there.  You probably knew already that Kentucky doesn’t have a high-tech center like Silicon Valley or Oak Ridge, TN.  As far as I know, the state doesn’t even have a small research park like the one I used to work in, on the east side of Orlando.  Most of the state’s economy is strictly agricultural and coal mining.  Lexmark, a big manufacturer of printers on the other side of Lexington, advertised a tech writer position that I thought would fit me perfectly, but it’s in the Philippines!  Yes, Leive was tickled pink when she heard about that one, though she conceded that I would probably be paid in pisos rather than dollars.  At least she wouldn’t be far from her family, even if the job is in Manila rather than on Mindanao.

Fortunately I’m not as desperate as the poor fellow above, because I have one other choice if I want to stay in Kentucky.  I can promote my Pre-Paid Legal business.  Because of the layoffs, the corporate world has left a bad taste in my mouth, so I want to be in a place where corporate America will never throw me away again; getting another job will just put me back where I was before this month.  What’s more, my Pre-Paid Legal sponsor, Terrell Cherry, was laid off at this time last year, and now he’s making more money part-time than I did full-time.  I put my business on hold in July and August, when I was doing all that mandatory overtime, and look how much good it did me!

Along that line, I’ve been taking my business cards with me every time I go out, and handing them to anyone I meet who is interested.  Under the circumstances, failure is not an option; that’s why I wrote “I can, I will, and I must” for the title of this message.  Last Saturday, I started working on one of my long-term goals in the business, getting a license to sell Pre-Paid Legal in Florida.  And I spent Sunday evening in Louisville, listening to training from Darnell Self, one of the top associates in Pre-Paid Legal.  Mr. Self earns $90,000 in a typical month; would you believe $20,000 is a bad month for him?  After the training we spent the rest of the evening in a nearby restaurant/sports bar.  In the picture below, from left to right, you can see me, Mr. Self, and Mr. Cherry.

To finish up, if you haven’t looked at the Pre-Paid Legal opportunity yet, I recommend you do so.  The way the economy is going, sooner or later all Americans are going to need this service; 80% of Europeans have something like it already.  This means it is only a question of whether you sign up with my team, or somebody else’s.  Call 1-800-394-6919 or 1-770-772-1700 for a recorded message on what it’s all about, or go to my website and watch the videos, and then contact me!  Sign up for the service and you’ll help me a little; become an Associate like myself and you can help me a lot.  Finally, we’re offering a special that ends on Friday; after that, the one-time cost to become an Associate will double.  I hope to hear from all my regular readers very soon.

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