A Question That Has Been Bothering Me For Years

There’s something that has bugged me for a long time, at least since 2003.  Every year in October, several churches raise funds by selling pumpkins.  I don’t see it so much here in Kentucky, maybe because frost is possible in October, but down in Florida, every church where the members don’t have a problem observing Halloween will have a sale.  I’m thinking in particular of the big Methodist church my parents attended, from 1996 to 2008; their pumpkin sale looks like the main event of the year for that congregation.  Here’s a picture from one of their sales; it looks like the Great Pumpkin has arrived (LOL).

And it’s not just the Methodists; usually the Catholic churches have pumpkin sales, too, and once I even saw a Baptist church doing one.  So now I want a theologian to explain this to me, once and for all.  What do pumpkin sales have to do with Christianity?

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