I Missed My Midlife Crisis

It is said that middle aged men suddenly get bored with life and develop an urge to do something radically different.  Like quit their job, get a divorce, or just get away from it all, as in going hiking in some remote part of the world.  A so-called “midlife crisis.”  I guess that means Bill Murray was playing a guy with a midlife crisis, when he went to Tibet on a spiritual quest in “The Razor’s Edge.”

Well, on the radio last week I heard that thanks to reality shows and social websites like YouTube and Facebook, people are paying more attention to themselves, and thus undergoing midlife crises at an earlier age.  Instead of it happening at ages 40 to 60, it can now hit someone in the 35-44 range.  That means the midlife crisis years are now behind me, and I didn’t even think about having one!  Maybe it’s because I had other things on my mind during the critical years, like looking for a real job (I was unemployed or underemployed for several years in Florida).  Or maybe it is because I never cared for reality shows (to see what I wrote about that, click here and go to #5), and YouTube and Facebook didn’t appear until after I was 44.  Or maybe changing jobs, climate and addresses at age 47 took care of whatever urge I might have had for change.

If I run off someplace without Leive, don’t blame it on a midlife crisis.  More likely I am doing it because traveling is not for her.  Because of that, I have wondered what to do if I ever win a vacation for two to some fancy place like Cancun.  Since Leive suffers more hardship than I do, while going places, instead of bringing her along, would I be allowed to go twice?

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