The Mosque Controversy Can Happen Near You

There’s no doubt about it, this year September 11 will be a political event, not just a day to remember the 3,000  people who died on that day in 2001.  Along that line, in the near future I plan to write an essay entitled “Why I Am Not a 9/11 Truther.”  I’ll just say for now that most of the material in the essay will come from what I wrote here on September 11, 2007.

Here, as in many other places, we’ve been following the proposal to build a giant mosque near Ground Zero in New York City.  Last week a pastor in Florida got international attention by announcing that he will observe 9/11 by burning a stack of Korans, and over in Afghanistan the Taliban announced they would retaliate by blowing up somebody.  Well, because I have a personal interest in the matter, I checked right away to make sure it wasn’t MY pastor in Florida who wants to have a Koran-burning.  Well, it wasn’t; the pastor is a fellow from Gainesville named Terry Jones, and he has a congregation of about 50 people.  That makes his church smaller than the one I used to attend, which has 200 members, and smaller than the one I currently attend in Kentucky.

A few years ago, some members of my Florida church burned a Palestinian flag, at a pro-settlement demonstration in Jerusalem.  Therefore I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a Koran-burning; they probably didn’t think of doing it because the High Holy Days are currently in progress (Rosh Hashanah was yesterday).  Myself, I don’t think burning Korans would do any good, but because of my background, I understand that viewpoint perfectly.  Now the Gainesville pastor is saying he won’t burn the books, because he got a promise from an imam that they will build the proposed mega-mosque somewhere else besides Ground Zero.  We will see.  Remember the Islamic concept of Taqqiya; a Moslem leader’s spoken agreement is as good as the paper it is written on.

And the giant mosque controversy no longer concerns just New York City.  Now I am hearing that there are also plans to build four mega-mosques in my part of the country:  three in Tennessee (Memphis, Nashville and Murfreesboro) and one in Kentucky (Florence).  

Keep in mind that the Moslem communities of Appalachia are small and poor, so most of the money to build them will have to come from elsewhere, like Saudi Arabia. President Obama may not care about these states (see my message from June 13, 2010), but other outsiders have an interest in us.  In the near future, we may be seeing more ads like this:

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