What Would Orville Redenbacher Do?

When I was a kid, I heard some people joke that a field of popcorn would be white and fluffy.  Even then I knew better; that’s why we had a popcorn popper in the house.  Now that joke has come true.  A farmer living just west of Louisville has reported that corn actually popped in his field.

Hardin County farmer’s corn pops in field

Apparently a combination of high heat and irregular rainfall (yes, August was a dry month for us) caused this to happen.  Well, I knew the past few days were hot, but not THAT hot.  Now why don’t we ever hear about this happening in states that are hotter than Kentucky, like Florida?  When I lived in Florida, we had the Zellwood Corn Festival every May, in a small town about 17 miles northwest of Orlando.  I remember hearing about country music concerts there, but I never heard of corn popping before it was picked.  Moreover, Florida in May is as hot and dry as Kentucky in August; that’s why sinkholes are likely to appear in May, when the level of water underground drops.

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