Oy, It’s So Humid!

Yes, today reminded me of a comedy song from the 2 Live Jews, hence the title of this message.  I’m sure those kosher rappers had Miami Beach in mind, but right now it’s feeling a lot like that here in Kentucky.

We had a good thunderstorm last night, so it was quite steamy when I went out this morning.  The backyard needed mowing (the part Leive hadn’t dug up for her garden), and though it was not as hot today as it had been for the past few days, a heat advisory was still in effect, and the humidity took a lot out of me.  So did a short shopping trip in the afternoon.  But I’m glad I did all that, because we got two more storms, one at 3 PM and one at 7:30.

Speaking of the garden, Leive went through it on Friday night, to pick as many tomatoes, peppers and zucchini as possible.  The peppers by themselves were enough to fill up a plastic grocery bag.

Yesterday was my in-law Gene King’s birthday; he and Rezia went to the town of Paris (Paris, KY, not Paris, France) for a date.  Rezia told us how at the restaurant where they stopped for a meal, the waiter walked out before he was done serving them!  No, it wasn’t anything Gene or Rezia said.  According to the other workers in the restaurant, the guy had only been there for three days, decided people-pleasing wasn’t for him, and just took off.  I suppose it would have been asking too much for him to curse out everybody, grab a beer, and go out on a slide, like the Jet Blue flight attendant did last week.

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