Why Spain? Why So Many Vacations?

This is not a good time for the nation, but it sure seems like the first family is more interested in taking it easy than in acting presidential and solving problems.  A month ago, we heard Michelle Obama tell vacationing Americans not to cancel their trips to the Gulf Coast states, just because of an oil spill.  She made a point by going to one of the Gulf states, Florida, but only stayed there briefly, before going on to a longer vacation in Maine.  By the way, Florida is the only Gulf Coast state that voted for her husband in 2008; is it a coincidence she went there, and not to Mississippi?

Now Ms. Obama and one of her daughters is on vacation again, this time to a beach in Spain.  I hear they rented out 60-70 rooms for themselves, their staff and Secret Service agents, in a hotel where the cheapest room goes for $400 a night.  Radio talk show hosts are comparing her with Marie Antoinette, but when they spend taxpayer dollars ($375,000 in this case, if Matt Drudge is correct),  I think of Imelda Marcos first.

Can somebody tell me why Michelle Obama went to Spain, when America’s tourism industry is suffering so much? If I was Barack or Michelle, my first choice for a vacation at this time would be northern Michigan. It is a “blue state,” getting there is a lot easier, the local economy badly needs the money, and I hear it is a nice place in the summer, especially at Mackinac Island.

Imagine how much media attention it would get, if a Republican president was spending so much, and was gone so often.  At least when Republican presidents felt the need to get away, they kept the cost down by staying on their own property (e.g., Reagan and George W. Bush went to their ranches).

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