Here in Kentucky, July is ending on a mild note.  This past week wasn’t as hot as the previous one; no temperatures in the 90s, anyway.  Yesterday was the most comfortable of all:  65 in the morning, 81 in the afternoon.  I can’t remember a day like that from the forty summers I spent in Florida, except maybe when hurricanes blotted out the sun!  As for rain, a few more showers means we’ve gotten an inch more in July than we usually do, so the year to this point has been a little on the wet side.

This week we got our first harvest from Leive’s garden, in the form of four zucchini and three eggplants.  The zucchini in particular are larger than what you’ll find in the grocery store, and because they are fat, they look more like cucumbers.  In the picture above are two “zukes” and one eggplant, each at least a foot long.  I put one of our parrot’s peanuts next to them to give you an idea of the size.  We gave most of them to Gene and Rezia because they donated those particular plants.  However, Leive got the latest zuke for her cooking, and despite the size, it was so good that she wants to grow one even larger, to see how big they get.

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