Happy Birthday, Brin-Brin!

We don’t really know when the family parrot hatched, except that it was some time in 1996.  However, it was on this day in 2007 that we bought him at a bird show in Bardstown, KY, so this day is as good as any for a birthday.

Today was supposed to be the hottest day of the year (so far), but thanks to some well-placed clouds casting shade, it did not get up to 95 degrees, as the weatherman forecasted (more like 88).  Still, I think I can forget about the next electric bill being any lower than the one I got for June.  On the radio it was announced that if you count summer as beginning June 21 and ending on August 31, this is the exact midpoint of the season.  Interesting that somebody would figure that out.  As a matter of fact, during my first year in Kentucky (2006), those were the days when I turned on the air conditioner of my apartment for the first time, and when I shut it off for the last time.

This week one of the side streets near me, Old Todds Road, is closed for repairs.  I sure hope the city won’t go beyond this week to fix it.  Normally I wouldn’t mention this here, but they seem to be adding insult to injury when they tell me to drive on Man O’War Blvd instead.  Heck, I drive on Old Todds Rd to get away from the Man O’War traffic!  A year and a half ago, the shutting down of another side street, Mapleleaf Dr., caused major traffic snarls, and that was next to the street they’re working on now.

Today the main news was about a young lady driving an SUV into the Kohl’s clothing store in Hamburg Village.  It looks like she was drunk (no surprise there), and luckily, nobody was hurt.  Last month Leive & I went into the same Kohl’s during Father’s Day weekend to buy some clothing for me.  Whew, good thing we don’t shop there more often!

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