We’re Definitely in the Summertime Mode

Officially summer doesn’t begin for a few more days, but as far as weather and our activities go, it might as well be summertime now.  Yesterday the high temperature finally reached 90 degrees.  So for the family and friends in Florida reading this, you won’t get much relief if you visit us now.  In fact, the main differences between Kentucky and Florida are that right now we’re seeing more fireflies here in Kentucky (this week seems to be their peak time), and the thunderstorms are less predictable.  Whereas in central Florida you can expect a thunderstorm every afternoon from June to September, the one we got last Monday struck at 9 AM.

Leive is still digging in the backyard to prepare a garden, but I don’t think she has made up her mind what to plant yet.  Nowadays she’s out there whenever the outside temperature is more comfortable than it is inside the house (early morning hours, plus 6-9 PM).  For the evening shift, she says the fireflies make attractive companions.

At the beginning of June my pastor took his family for a vacation in Kissimmee, FL.  This year they didn’t go to the usual theme parks — we all forgot that Gay Weekend is still celebrated there at this time of year.  Instead the ladies went to Silver Springs in Ocala.  Judging from the pictures they brought back, the Ross Allen Reptile Institute is still running, but under another name.  As for my pastor, aviation is his hobby, so he went to Warbird Adventures at the Kissimmee Airport, and flew a World War II fighter (a T-6).  Here is a high point from that flight, when he did a barrel roll.

If I take a vacation soon, it will be to visit my grandchild in Georgia, though at this time of year a trip to the Northern states might be more comfortable.

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