Why the Big Deal Over the Supreme Court Demographic?

With all the crazy stuff I have heard about Florida politics over the past couple of years, I am glad I don’t live there anymore.  Last year I mentioned the barking mad congressman in the district where my father lives, Alan Grayson, and later I heard that Larry Sinclair, the fellow who once claimed to be Barack Obama’s gay lover, made an unsuccessful run for the 24th congressional seat (my former district!).  More recently, you have probably heard how Florida Governor Charlie Crist announced he was running for the Senate, and when the polls showed he wasn’t going to get the Republican nomination, he left the GOP to run as an independent.  Now just yesterday I heard that Crist won’t be returning any of the campaign donations Republican gave him, before he bolted.  Supposedly Crist is ahead of his Republican challenger, Marco Rubio, in the polls, but now that we know Crist doesn’t stand for any principles except himself, I don’t see that lead lasting much longer.

Now on to today’s message.  This week one of the headlines is that President Obama picked Elena Kagan to be the next Supreme Court justice, replacing the Court’s living fossil, John Paul Stevens.  For some reason the media has mentioned more than once that if Kagan is confirmed, there will no longer be any Protestants on the Court–Stevens is the last one.  I suppose America’s Founding Fathers would object to a non-Protestant Court, because just about all of them were Protestants of one denomination or another, but I don’t see why it matters now.  Personally, I’m more concerned with some other things I heard about Kagan–that she’s inexperienced, very liberal, and openly gay–so is the media trying to distract us from that?

Moreover, if the newspapers and various news networks are concerned about a shortage of Protestants in office, why stop with the Supreme Court?  I’m looking at the other branches of the federal government, and no Protestants are in charge there, either:

President Obama = closet Moslem (see what I wrote about that here)

Vice President Biden = Catholic

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel = Jewish

Speaker of the House Pelosi = Catholic (no doubt an apostate Catholic, with the way she supports unlimited abortion)

Senate Majority Leader Reid = Mormon in name only (every other Mormon I met was a conservative Republican)

All things considered, it looks like the highest-ranking Protestant in the government is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Who’d have thought that would happen?

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