Fooled By the Thunder

Here’s an amusing story I forgot to tell in my previous messages.  Do you remember when I said we’re having an unusually dry spring in Kentucky?  Well, last Saturday I went to Louisville to visit a friend.  Before I went over there, I was told that a big Pre-Paid Legal meeting (“Super Saturday”) was supposed to take place in Louisville that day, but it had been postponed because of thunder over Louisville.  Since the folks here aren’t as used to thunderstorms as an ex-Floridian like me, I figured that yes, a really bad storm would make them re-schedule some events.

However, in Louisville that day it was 62 degrees, and except for one cirrus cloud, the sky was absolutely clear; I couldn’t have asked for better driving weather.  On the way back I was thinking that Louisville’s weather forecasters must be worse than ours.  Only after I returned did I find out that “Thunder Over Louisville” was the name for an air and firework show!

Another big surprise came when I was flipping through the FM stations of Louisville, looking for something worth listening to on my car radio.  On 105.1 FM I heard a very familiar voice, and sure enough, it turned out to be Robert Vincent Sims, “The Garden Rebel.”  The last time I heard him, he was a landscaper from Lake County, FL, broadcasting a Saturday morning program on Orlando’s leading AM station, WDBO.  I didn’t know his program had hit it big nationwide.  It’s nice to see another Floridian becoming a big success, but since he still talks about central Florida plants (Orlando is in USDA Zone 9), I wonder how much of what he says is relevant in the rest of the country?  For example, cycads (also called sago palms) are a common sight in the front yards of Orlando, and a common source of questions on “The Garden Rebel,” but I have yet to meet somebody else in Kentucky who has heard of them.

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