No Quiet Spots Right now, in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky or D.C.

My daughter Lindy was supposed to deliver on March 22, but now that day is here and no baby yet, so the last I heard, the doctor was planning to induce labor tonight.  Don’t be surprised if I have big family news tomorrow!

The weather was definitely nice this past weekend, with it being sunny and in the 60s by day.  However, a cold front came through today, so now it’s in the 40s and wet; not too different from my first day in Kentucky, almost four years ago.

My brother came up from Naples, FL to see Leive while she is in our father’s house.  Judging from the phone conversations, the three of them are having a good time, and Leive managed to clean out some more old stuff, this time from the cupboards.

By now you have probably heard that the healthcare bill was narrowly approved by the House of Representatives.  Here in Kentucky the headline came in second place (Headline #1 was the University of Kentucky beating Wake Forest, 90-60), but we’re hearing about it anyway.  Again, Congress passed it in the dark of night on a weekend, when a year ago they had an awful attendance record, showing up for work on Tuesday afternoons and leaving for their districts on Thursdays.  No doubt they’re trying to sneak unpopular legislation past us again, and hope we won’t pay attention to which Democrats voted for it.

Knowing how unpopular this is in the rest of the country, I’m guessing that a bunch of congressmen just sacrificed their jobs, in order to get government control on 1/6 of the economy.  The same goes for President Obama; he said that like us, he believes jobs are the most important issue, but his actions speak otherwise.  Of course, this monstrosity of a bill could be declared unconstitutional, or repealed–let’s hope the story isn’t over yet.

Along that line, here’s a video from last January of what the Democrats have gotten themselves into.  While I don’t agree with all the sentiments–we on the right knew the Democrats were up to no good–I know a lot of voters felt that way when they gave Obama, Reid and Pelosi the benefit of the doubt.

I’m still wondering how they expect to pay for healthcare.  When it comes to earning or saving money, Congress is the “gang that couldn’t shoot straight.”  Does anybody seriously think they can keep medical costs down, after the way Social Security and Medicare bloomed out of control?  Consider the track record:

  • Social Security = broke.
  • Medicare and Medicaid = broke.
  • The US Postal Service = broke.
  • Amtrak = Never a profit in 40 years.
  • Cash for Clunkers = broke.

Somebody (Einstein?) once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results.  It looks like we have a real good case of it here!

Remember the Saturday Night Live sketch about Ms. Pelosi?  My response to the healthcare bill is a “safe word” she’ll understand–Palomino!

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