Family News on the Way

I haven’t reported much family news lately, but I expect to have some later this week.  First, Leive is flying down to Florida tomorrow.  She is going to spend a week with my father, while his caregiver is out of town, getting his visa renewed.  You know she’ll be glad to experience temperatures in the 70s, for a change!  Now we know why the Spring Break crowd is so anxious to go there.

Second, Lindy is due to deliver our first grandchild any day now.  I see messages from her on Facebook, so I know it hasn’t happened yet.  It’s probably just as well it didn’t happen yesterday, with that date being the Ides of March (“Eh tu, Brute” and all that);  just ask any Etruscan.  Still, we’ll take Lexi whenever she is ready to come out, and I’m sure Lindy feels that way, too.  As they used to say on TV:  Stay tuned for the next episode, same bat-time, same bat-channel!

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