Not Quite Winter, Not Quite Spring

Since I last wrote about the weather, the temperature has been in the 30s by day, and the 20s by night.  Thus, the last bits of snow haven’t melted yet (there’s one patch just outside my front door, a little larger than my hand).  Still I think we can now say with some confidence that the worst part of winter is behind us, because it is now March.  Another snowstorm went by to the south of us yesterday, but this time it missed us completely; the closest snow fell in Berea.  Tomorrow a warming trend is supposed to start, that will put us in the 40s, and maybe even the 50s.

On the other hand, nature doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to switch to spring; it’s just people who are saying that spring can’t come soon enough.  No leaves on the trees yet (except for the evergreens, of course), the bluegrass is still mostly brown, and bulbs like daffodils haven’t put out any leaves or shoots yet.  If I remember right, in previous years the bulbs started coming up before February ended.  I’m reminded of an old cartoon where two gnomes are living in a hole under a tree, and one looks at a calendar and says, “Say, isn’t it time we started pushing up the crocuses?”  About the only sign of change is that the robins are back from their January-February trip to the Deep South.

The roads are also a mess, especially at work, where heavy truck use and winter conditions have combined to leave several roads (and parking lots) in a crumbling state.  If a truck runs off one of those roads, it is stuck!  One of the roads I take on the way to work now has so many potholes, that in at least two spots you have to drive right on the centerline to avoid them, making it effectively a one-lane road.  I sure hope the road crews will start doing their job soon.

Over on Facebook, my brother noted that today marks 165 years since Florida became a state, and our grandmother would have her 96th birthday if she was still alive.  I guess March is going to be a busy month, if not as busy as February.

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