Now That’s What I Call Hebraic Worship!

This past weekend, Leive found some videos posted by a fellow Christian Zionist named Jim Qualls.  We particularly liked the ones he uploaded of a Paul Wilbur concert, held at Calvary Assembly (the big Assembly of God church in Orlando) last Rosh Hashanah.  One of them is posted below.  Paul Wilbur is probably the best Messianic singer we’ve ever heard; we have a CD from him, and Leive regularly plays it for the ladies’ group from our church, that meets in our house on Tuesday nights.

Calvary is a church we visited, but not the one we regularly attended, in our Florida days.  Our church only held 200 people, while Calvary’s main sanctuary is so large that when it was built in the 1980s, an Orlando Sentinel columnist called it “the Goodyear Building,” because it could have doubled as an airship hangar.  Aside from that, what we see here is very familiar; the music, dancing, costumes, flag-waving and Hebrew lyrics are the same as what we’re used to, in a worship service.  Watch the video, go to the YouTube page it was posted on, check out the links to other Paul Wilbur videos, and get inspired!

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