Finally Starting to Warm Up

For the first time in three weeks, it got above freezing, reaching an afternoon high of 34 degrees.  The snow is melting outside, and we can expect the thermometer to climb as high as the 40s tomorrow.  This wasn’t the coldest it has gotten during the four winters Leive & I experienced in Kentucky, but it was certainly the longest cold snap.

Meanwhile, I am still getting wild reports from our former home (Florida).  My brother announced on Monday that he got ice on the roof of his truck, and he lives just below latitude 26 north!  And this morning on the radio I heard a story about a man in Miami freezing to death, because he had no heat in his apartment for two days.  In Miami!  A city so close to the equator that they call their basketball team the “Heat.”  Finally, the other day I heard a leading climatologist predict that the next 20-30 years will be cooler than average, so if you want to prevent another “little ice age,” like the one that chilled the earth from 1300 to 1700 A.D., do your part and burn as much fossil fuel as possible.  Become the Bigfoot of “carbon footprints!”

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