Some Chilling Pictures

I got these pictures off my favorite weather site,  The purple house is in Lawton, Michigan; I just liked it, so I’m posting it for fun.  The street scene below was taken in a place called Avondale, Georgia.  I looked it up, and it’s near the South Carolina border.  They don’t have as much snow as we do (it’s now 4-5 inches deep in our backyard), but this shot still gives you an idea of what the country roads around here look like.

And here is an ice-covered orange tree in Clermont, FL.  That’s about thirty miles west of where we used to live.  I haven’t heard yet how much damage the citrus and strawberry crops have suffered.  Today while I was grocery shopping, the lady in front of me at the checkout line had two containers of strawberries from a farm in Winter Haven, and she said the price hasn’t gone up on them yet.  Maybe I should get some while I can.

And my brother directed me to this one on Facebook, about a bunch of snowmen protesting against global warming (LOL).

Bundle up, and hopefully I’ll have something different to talk about next time!

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