Back From the Deep South

In case you’ve been wondering where I went, on December 23 Leive and I drove south, to visit our daughter in Georgia and my father in Florida.  We just returned last night, at 9:45 PM.  The trip down wasn’t so bad; the main obstacles were a traffic jam between Atlanta and Macon, and another one in Jacksonville.  We encountered both slowdowns again on the way back, and they weren’t as bad this time, but the weather was worse:  rain or fog most of the way from Dublin, GA onward.  The worst part was in the mountains of northern Tennessee, just below the Kentucky border, where we faced both rain and fog.  At one point I could barely see in front of me, and I had to watch the road very carefully, because roads don’t run straight in the mountains, but with all the cars and trucks around me, it wasn’t safe to slow down, either.  As an ex-Floridian, I don’t like driving in the mountains at night, and I don’t like driving in the winter, and here I was facing both challenges!  Altogether I must say we got back safely by the grace of God; it was the most dangerous drive between Florida and Kentucky I have done so far.  I guess I should be thankful we didn’t have to deal with ice, too.

As for the other events of the trip, I will probably talk about them in future messages, especially if I have pictures to go with them.  For now, Happy New Year!

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