Hanukkah Ends With a Snowstorm

Yes, here we are on the eighth night, and for a change, folks here are talking about the weather, instead of sports. So far we’ve been lucky this season; no ice, and the only snow we have gotten wasn’t enough to cause any problems. Then on Wednesday, I saw salt on the roads for the first time this season. Now we’re hearing that Kentucky is going to catch the western edge of the big winter storm engulfing the mid-Atlantic coast.

It has been in the 30s and raining for most of the day, and the rain is expected to turn into snow tonight, around 2 AM. In that case, I hope the falling snow doesn’t keep us awake (LOL). Luckily we don’t have to go out much this weekend. However, I’m concerned about driving safety if the bad weather continues into next week, and with this being the last weekend before Christmas, you know the merchants aren’t happy with this challenge to the shoppers.

The city government is over-reacting to our forecast. This afternoon, Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry held a news conference to reassure everyone that the salt trucks will be on the road, and they are ready for whatever happens. For crying out loud, the weatherman only predicted two inches of snow, and they’re acting like it’s another ice storm! A co-worker of mine thinks the mayor is acting this way because a past mayor was not re-elected for botching winter preparations, in either 2002 or 2006. The mayor may also be overly sensitive because just the other day, he proposed closing one firehouse for a day to save money, and it raised a big stink, as his critics pointed out that such a move would put the neighborhood at risk, if a fire or medical emergency happened and residents had to wait for a fire engine or paramedics to arrive from another firehouse.

Finally, I’m wondering more than ever why the local gas stations change gas prices in lockstep. They all raise or lower prices on the same day, and the price varies by only a penny or two, from one gas station to the next. That didn’t happen when I lived in Florida. Early this week, according to Gasbuddy.com, Lexington had the lowest gas prices of any US city, averaging $2.32 a gallon for regular unleaded. But then on Thursday every gas station’s price jumped up to $2.55. Alas, it wasn’t until then that I needed to fill up!

Unless it is hot where you are, I hope all my readers are bundled up, and Shabbat Shalom.

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