Orlando Will Entertain You, Even If You Don’t Go There

I commented in the past about how Orlando seems stranger when it appears in the news, now that I’m no longer living there.  I guess that’s why outsiders think life there is unreal; it’s not just the theme parks, as I used to believe.  For the past week, much of the talk has been about Tiger Woods’ accident, how he hit first a fire hydrant, then a tree, after leaving home on a Friday morning.  When I saw it on TV, the footage came from WFTV, Orlando’s ABC station; boy, that brings back memories.

According to the police, they’re satisfied now that Tiger paid the traffic ticket they gave him, so officially the case is closed.  Meanwhile, the rest of us are wondering if he really had a fight with his wife.  After all, you don’t leave home at 2:30 AM just to get a jug of milk from the local 7-11 store.  Heck, he lives in Windermere, the fancy suburb that is also home to Orlando Magic players, so do they even have a 7-11 there?  Thus, I expect the controversy over this to continue for some time to come.

In other sports news, you probably heard that Florida State’s football coach, Bobby Bowden, is retiring when this season is over, after 38 years on the job.  Definitely the end of an era for FSU.  I’m paying more attention than I normally would, because of my brother’s contribution to this year’s FSU games (see my message from August 9).  Even this far away from Tallahassee, folks have talked about Bowden stepping down.  I guess that would be a headline around here, if Tiger Woods hadn’t beaten them to it.

Closer to home, it was announced this week that the University of Kentucky will be going to the Music City Bowl in Nashville again.  This isn’t generating as much excitement as it did in 2006 and 2007, but it is still an impressive achievement for a school that is known more for basketball than football.  If the Wildcats win, they will have won four bowl games in a row, and Rich Brooks will go down as the best football coach in UK history.  Even the legendary “Bear” Bryant only won three bowl games, when he was UK’s coach in the 1950s.

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