Gosh, Did I Do All That?

(Scratching my head in wonder)

Today I was going to talk a little about Tiger Woods and the crazy congressional races in my former Florida home, but the previous message has already gotten so much attention, that I have put it in the “Blogroll” category, just 24 hours after I posted it.  It has also spawned this thread on Free Republic, which at this time has almost 500 responses, and another thread from FR’s founder, Jim Robinson, who called me a “RINO blogger,” of all things!

What amazes me the most is that a lot of folks over there haven’t figured out which “Freeper” I am, though I left enough clues to be correctly “outed” by message #76.  If you accused Pissant, XenaLee, CharlesWayneCT, or HeartlandofAmerica of being me, I believe some apologies are in order.

The rest of what I have to say is in the comments I wrote on the December 1 message, so read them if you’re interested.  Have a good night.

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