There is No Room at the Inn, or in the Stable

Yesterday’s newspaper reminded us that we have ten months until the FEI World Equestrian Games, the sporting event that will put Lexington on the map.  If you are planning to attend, I hope you have made arrangements, because I don’t think enough hotel/motel space was built to accommodate the visitors we are expecting, from out of state and abroad.  The cheapest rooms have already been reserved, and the rule of supply & demand is driving up the price of the rest.  If you want a room for less than $100 a night, the closest place to stay is now in Louisville or Cincinnati.  If you insist on Lexington, now you can expect to pay at least $300 a night.  The most expensive place reported were the special suites in the Griffin Gate Marriott, where I went to see Dave Savula last November 9; visitors are paying $4,999 per night to stay there, not only because the rooms are fancy, but because the hotel is close to the Kentucky Horse Park.  The local newspaper, The Lexington Herald-Leader, was quick to point out that such prices are normal for an international sporting event (think how much you would have to pay if you were going to see the Olympics or the World Cup).

When I lived in Orlando, I learned that everyone there is expected to become an innkeeper, when family and friends come from out of town and are looking for a place to stay, while they are visiting the theme parks.  Now let’s see if anything like that happens next September, when the games begin.  This house may end up becoming a bed & breakfast for somebody we don’t know!

In other sports news, the University of Kentucky went to Athens, GA over the weekend, to play the University of Georgia.  Our Wildcats won, 34-27, and I understand it’s the first time we beat the Bulldogs at home since 1977.  Normally that would be something to cheer about, but this time it feels a little unsporting, because we did it while the “Dawgs were down.  Their mascot, a real bulldog, died suddenly last Thursday, and they haven’t had time to find a replacement; this is the first time in more than fifty years that the UGA mascot wasn’t there for a game.  Now the other team has two reasons to be depressed.  As for UK, if it can beat the University of Tennessee next Saturday, the Wildcats will get a change of scenery for the post-season, because they will be going either to the Outback Bowl in Tampa, or the Chick-Fil-A Bowl in Atlanta.

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