The Sukkot Balloon

You probably heard the news story from today about a runaway hot air balloon that drifted across Colorado, between Fort Collins and Denver, and how everybody believed a six-year-old boy was trapped on it.  Thankfully he wasn’t there, but hiding in the attic of his garage after turning the balloon loose.  Anyway, it reminded me of this video from the church I attended in Florida, from 1980 to 2006.

My former church keeps all the Jewish holidays, which includes Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles.  This year they staged a talent show, and one of the acts was the successful launching of a hot air balloon in the main sanctuary!  I got this video from another member, Kathy Pollard White.  The fellow explaining everything is my old friend Tim Hanks.

I remember a time from a few years back when the previous pastor, Ken Garrison, did a sound experiment, playing harmonious sound waves in just the right frequency to cause a backdrop to vibrate, and then explaining that properly done worship can cause the same resonating effect, from God’s point of view.  Pastor Ken may be retired now, but it’s nice to see that the congregation is still willing to try experiments in physics.  It’s also nice to know that pastors, priests, etc. can be long-winded, but they don’t hold a monopoly on hot air in a church!

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