One Year Until the Games

Today marks exactly one year until the FEI World Equestrian Games come here.  I haven’t heard too much about them lately, so I hope we’ll be ready when the horsey Olympics begin.  I know the downtown renovations are behind schedule, anyway.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is another big game in Commonwealth Stadium, UK against the Florida Gators.  Last Saturday they had the first home football game of the season, a match between rivals, the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville.  It was a big deal, of course, and we were happy to see the Wildcats beat the Cardinals, 31-27.  However, Leive and I drove by the stadium the next day, and we were surprised at how much trash was lying around, from those who set up tents outside.  I don’t know which is worse, that the fans don’t seem to care about where their trash goes, or that the city and the university took so long to pick it up.

Today I took half a day off from work, and went downtown again to take care of the paperwork involved with transferring the title of my mother’s car to me.  The papers came back from Florida last week, and this time I was told that most of them were in order, except for one that my Dad needs to sign and get notarized.  Oh well, at least an end is in sight to this long, drawn-out affair.

It is raining again here as I write this; in fact, it has been raining almost every day this month.  So much so that I have been able to mow the front yard once, but haven’t been able to mow the backyard since I returned from Las Vegas.  Hopefully it will dry out over the weekend, because I understand it will get cold next week.  Maybe the next time I mow the lawn will be the last for this year.

Finally, today marks exactly twenty years since I started working at Ticketmaster, one of the longest-lasting jobs I had in Florida (1989-97).  It is hard to believe nearly a generation has passed since then.  I still remember taking my daughter there when she was two years old, and now she has her own baby on the way!

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