Moving to Florida? Hope You Like Creepy Crawlies

Florida leads the nation in both reptiles and insects.  While I have never had a snake or turtle invade my house, I have seen them in the yard.  And thank God that the alligators I saw usually stayed in the lakes and ponds.  The ones that kept me on my toes (literally) were lizards and frogs, because if they got indoors, catching them to put them outside was a challenge.  Especially those little tree frogs, that jump like they’ve spent the tadpole stage of their lives in a pot of coffee.

As for bugs, they get in everywhere, and you’ll soon lose track of how many you see indoors.  Especially ants, flies and roaches.  When someone from out of state asks how a Floridian copes with the bugs, the proper response is to say something like, “You’ve never had lovebug pudding?”  Or offer to share the wealth, by pulling a handful of them out of a pocket and saying, “Oh, do you mean THESE?”

Along that line, here’s a very popular video from YouTube about a weatherman’s reaction when a cockroach gets into the studio.  I believe this happened at a FOX station in Sarasota, but it could have been anywhere in Florida.  I’m guessing he’s new to the state, or he would have tried stepping on it.  Sure, some folks are worried that cockroaches are becoming immune to our pesticides.  Myself, I’ll be worried when a roach becomes immune to a track shoe (LOL).

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