Battery Blues

First, I forgot to mention that last Tuesday morning, I caught a bit of the Quinn and Rose Morning Show on the radio, and they were talking about Lexington, because they are expecting at least two busloads of people to come from here, to attend a conservative rally in Washington, D.C. next month. Rose knew nothing about this place, like I did before 2006, and Quinn talked at length about how pretty this town is, and how nice the people are. Thanks, Quinn!

This morning was no fun, though.  When I got in my car, the doors unlocked all right, and the interior light came on as usual, but when I put my key in the transmission, everything shut off.  In three years, this is the first time the car wouldn’t start, when I wanted to go to work.  I ended up taking the other car, the one my mother used to own, though it meant getting a new parking permit and being 15 minutes late.  After calling around, my pastor agreed to show up with his son and some jumper cables.  I wasn’t sure if the problem was in the battery, alternator or starter, but after looking it over, he concluded that there wasn’t enough water in the battery.  Tap water won’t do for car batteries, but the closest thing we had to distilled water was the jug I had let sit for the parrot’s use last week, so Brin-Brin’s water went into the battery instead.  We jump-started the car and got it in the garage.  Later in the evening my pastor showed up again with a battery charger, so we hooked that up for the night.  If that doesn’t work I’ll have to get a new battery soon, because I’ve had this one since January 2006; in fact, I still remember going with my Dad to the Casselberry Wal-Mart to get it.

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