Brin-Brin’s Boo-Boo

For Leive & I, it wasn’t too eventful a day.  In our house, the most exciting thing to happen was that at some point last night, our parrot Brin-Brin fell off his perch, broke off most of his tail feathers, and lost three little shoulder feathers as well.  We had a little lightning last night, and my guess it that the thunder scared him, causing what bird owners call a “night fright.”  Unfortunately, we got him a night light to prevent those kind of mishaps.  When it happened to our cockatiel in Florida, we ended up getting him a bigger cage, so along that line, I removed the swing from Brin-Brin’s cage to give him more room.  He never uses it, anyway.

Currently Brin-Brin only has three tail feathers left, and there was blood on one of the shoulder feathers, so it must have hurt when he fell.  He also acted in a subdued manner for most of the day, but we think he’ll be all right.  He’ll just look pitiful until those feathers grow back.  His friend Tessa came over again, and when I told Tessa what happened, she said “No wonder he didn’t spread his tail to greet me,” though otherwise he seemed glad to see her.

Now for something completely different.  I saw this strange picture on a humor website called, after being referred to it by a link from talk show host Neal Boortz’s website,  Boortz called it the “What what?” picture of the day, because even though there’s a penguin in the picture, the caption seems completely irrelevant!


I am posting this picture because at my workplace, we’ve got some helicopters like the Chinook you see here, so this could have been taken at work.  However, I don’t remember the trees surrounding the base growing as thick as the ones in the background.  And the nearest “Hooters” is fifteen miles away.

One response to “Brin-Brin’s Boo-Boo

  1. That CH-47 is from the 160th SOAR. They are stationed at Ft. Campbell Ky. You can tell by the long fuel port that the ladies are sitting on and the colour of the paint. These are the ” black” copters that you hear about.
    I have several friends who are in the “nightstalkers” They are good people and do a great job! As far as I know, non of the pilots or crew members are penguins 🙂

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