The Company Picnic Went On

After Wednesday’s delay, we managed to have Employee Appreciation Day yesterday.  A thoroughly enjoyable event, like past celebrations, though I and some others had to wear T-shirts from previous years, because this year’s T-shirt had already been worn and was now in the laundry (I went with the blue shirt I got in 2007).  For food the main course was steak sandwiches, a t-bone (minus the bone) in a bun, which everybody enjoyed.  They also had the usual list, where a hundred or so employees were selected to receive gift cards to the local restaurants and stores.  I didn’t win, but my immediate superviser got some movie passes.  Then they topped it all off with a dunking booth, where you got a chance to dump one of the bosses into a tank of water, a beanbag toss (“cornhole”), an inflatable boxing ring where the contestants duked it out with oversized gloves, and a velcro wall for those who want to try a Spiderman impersonation.

By contrast, the parking lot was more than half empty on Friday; I joked that Employee Appreciation Day was too much for some of us.  Most of the folks in my department were present, but it was a quiet day nonetheless.  I caused something of a stir by making a pot of Gevalia blueberry creme coffee; my pastor’s wife had given me two boxes of it last Sunday, for no apparent reason.  Even more surprising, a co-worker of mine brought in a box, too; is there a glut of gourmet coffee on the market right now?  Anyway, you could smell it across most of the office, and I brewed the decaf rather than the regular, because I expected to share it — and did.

Back in my Florida days, blueberry creme was my favorite flavor of coffee from the gas stations, but the only place that had it was 7-11.  I forgot all about it after moving to Kentucky, until my visit to Florida last December, when I encountered that pleasing aroma in another 7-11 store.  Here in Kentucky no gas station brews fancy flavored coffees, though Speedway and Thornton’s offer a good enough cup that I don’t miss the fancy flavors.  And there’s still Starbuck’s of course.  Still, if I’m not going to have blueberry creme coffee from 7-11 again, this Gevalia stuff is a very acceptable substitute.

I’m taking it easy now as I write this on a Friday evening, but this is the only slow time I expect in the next few days.  On Thursday evening James Kelly, the most successful associate for Pre-Paid Legal Services in Kentucky, made a brief visit to our house, and gave us some tips on making phone calls.  Tomorrow Leive will be cooking rice and lumpias for Family Fun Night, the big annual picnic at our church.  And on Sunday we expect our daughter Lindy and her husband Adam to drive up from Georgia, to spend a few days with us.  So expect much more news from me in the days ahead!

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