The Pepsi Plot

You can always count on the Middle East for new crackpot conspiracy theories.  Here’s the latest:  Pepsi must be a Zionist plot, because the name of the drink stands for “Pay Every Penny to Save Israel.”  Here’s a link to the story:

Muslim Cleric:  “Pepsi Is Zionist Plot”

You could have fooled me.  A better case can be made for Pepsi backing Barack Obama.  Yesterday I saw the current Pepsi logo on a sign, in front of the country store I drive past on the way to work every day, and at first I thought it was the Obama logo sideways:


Pepsi logo.


Obama logo.

When I heard that the cleric was from Egypt, I checked to make sure he wasn’t the same cleric who recommended two years ago that women should breast-feed male co-workers, to turn the workplace into a new kind of family (see my message from June 13, 2007).  I also Googled the history of Pepsi.  On this page I learned that Pepsi was invented in 1893, and given its name in 1898.  A full half century before 1948, when the modern state of Israel was founded.  I suppose the inventor of Pepsi could have supported Theodore Herzl’s Zionist movement, which got started in 1897, but it’s not bloody likely.