It Was Great While It Lasted

I bought the converter box for my TV set last April, but because nobody in the house watches the tube these days, I waited until Friday, when all TV signals went digital, to plug it in.  We get quite a few more channels than before, but the picture and sound are of poor quality, compared with what we had previously.  I figure it’s because the TV set is so darn old (made in 1981).  Anyway, it didn’t take long for us to agree that we hadn’t missed much; Internet video, on sites like YouTube, is more fun these days.

By now you’re probably also heard that it’s all over for the NBA basketball finals.  Last night the L.A. Lakers beat the Orlando Magic in game 5, 99-86, to become this year’s NBA champions.  The Magic had an early lead in the first quarter, but after that the winds blew in favor of Kobe Bryant and company.

I would be a little less embarrassed if the final game had taken place in the Staples Center, rather than an old stomping ground of mine, the Amway Arena (formerly the Orlando Arena/T. D. Waterhouse Center).  Still the Magic did better this time around; at least they won a game in the finals.  No sweep like we got at the hands of the Houston Rockets in 1995.  Also, judging from the response in Los Angeles, I don’t think Orlando could have staged a proper post-game riot, if the Magic had won.  The neighborhoods that pass for slums in O-Town (Parramore Dr., South Orange Blossom Trail, the area where Pine Hills meets Orlo Vista) are small, well known, and too easily patrolled by the cops.

By the way, I finally saw my first firefly of the summer last Thursday, and Leive saw hers tonight.  Remember last week, I was wondering where they went?  Better late than never, I guess.

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