How About the Magic?

Back in the days when I lived in Orlando, I sometimes humorously said that my two favorite basketball teams are the Magic and whoever’s playing the Miami Heat.  Now the Magic are in their 20th season, and this is only the second time they made it to the NBA finals.  The first time was in 1995, when they beat three fine teams in the playoffs – the Celtics, the Bulls, and the Pacers – only to get skunked in a four-game sweep by the Houston Rockets.  Hopefully they’ll do better this time, though their western opponents, the Los Angeles Lakers, have been a very good team for as long as I can remember.  As I write this, we are one hour into the first game of the finals.  Go Magic!

Meanwhile here in Kentucky, it has been an unusual month so far, weather-wise.  First of all, it has rained every day, so we may not get a summertime drought like we had the past two years.  Monday it was in the mid-80s, and it got up to 89 degrees on Tuesday, so it was starting to feel like the old country, all right.  Some lightning reminded me of Florida, too.  Then a cold front came in.  Today started in the 50s, and it didn’t even reach 70 in the afternoon.  I wore my trusty black fleece pullover to work, more to keep out the rain than to keep out the cold, but whoever thought I’d be needing that in June?

And since my last message, I watched one more video from that hilarious Canadian program, “The Red Green Show.”  Here he shows how to make coffee with your lawn mower.  Cheers!

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