Critter Links and News

Just the other day, my brother Chris sent me a link to a YouTube video of a Florida Panther on a boardwalk in his neighborhood.  Because the Florida panther is so rare, this is indeed a rare sight.  When I first heard about the panther, twenty years ago, there were only about two dozen of them; now population estimates put them at 80-100.

Chris, this week I also stumbled upon a website that you and Dad are sure to enjoy.  Here it is, in case you haven’t been there already:

And today there was a news story from New Zealand about a Kea parrot stealing the passport of a Scottish tourist.  Well, not having been there, all I can say is that it’s not the first case of identity theft involving a parrot.  I’m reminded of the Saturday Night Live sketch called “Safari Planet” where a dimwitted nature show host, Brian Fellow, accused an Amazon parrot (one that looked very much like our Brin-Brin) of stealing his credit card and using it to buy a stereo!

Brazen parrot steals passport, heads into bush

Finally, I forgot to mention previously that today was the Jewish spring harvest festival, Shavuot, better known to Christians as Pentecost.  Chag Sameach and G-d Bless!

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