My New Kentucky Home, Plus Three Years

This evening marks three years since I arrived in Lexington, and tomorrow marks three years since I started my current job.  My, but time has flown, hasn’t it?

I haven’t talked about my Kentucky adventures for several days, so here’s an update on what has been happening here.

Of course the city watched last Saturday’s horse race, the Preakness.  It got more attention than usual this year because it was the first time a filly won it since 1924.  However, the filly, Rachel Alexandra, was the odds-on favorite, so it wasn’t a surprise like what we saw at the Kentucky Derby.  Moreover, the winning horses in both races had the same jockey; you should at least pay attention to that.

But here in Lexington we can’t seem to get our minds off college basketball for long.  It even gets more attention than the NBA playoffs, and I’d like to hear more about them, because the Orlando Magic have made it to the Eastern Conference Finals this year.  Now University of Kentucky fans are excited again, because yesterday the best high school basketball player in America, John Wall, announced he’s going to UK.  I’m expecting to hear a lot from him over the next four years.

Wall hopes to follow in footsteps of ex-Memphis star Rose

The week started out unusually cool.  On Sunday and Monday it got down to 46 degrees at night, and the weatherman warned that isolated patches of frost could appear; I don’t remember that happening in the three previous Mays I have spent here.  On Sunday Leive and I went to Louisville to attend a seminar put on by Prepaid Legal Services, and I noticed it was 7-10 degrees warmer in Louisville than in Lexington.  I don’t know if it was because of the Ohio River, the lower elevation of Louisville (466 feet above sea level vs. 1007 feet over here), both factors, or something else altogether.  Anyway, I did mow the lawn before it warmed up, and I’ll tell you, after all the time I spent in Florida, it still seems unnatural to do yard work without working up a sweat.  Now the temperature is up in the low 80s by day, and it hasn’t rained in a few days, so it feels a bit more like the spring weather we’re used to.

Speaking of Florida, there’s a place where nature currently isn’t playing by the rules.  Normally May is the driest month of the year for Florida, but a low pressure system over the Bahamas has dumped storm after storm on the former “Sunshine State.”  The worst hit area is Flagler County, which so far has gotten a whopping 13 inches of rain this month!  I believe they were having a drought earlier, so it’s definitely over now, though the summer thunderstorm cycle hasn’t started up yet.  What’s more, with all the rain and the clouds, the temperature down there is about the same as what we’re getting on a sunny day; now that’s unnatural.

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