Stormy Friday

My, what a storm we had yesterday afternoon!  A warm front passed through, and it brought a big bunch of rain clouds with it.  There were even tornado warnings in Madison and Clark Counties, just east and southeast of here, but thankfully, nothing worse than lightning.  I did hear of tornadoes elsewhere, like in Dallas, TX, caused by the same front.  As for the lightning, I don’t think I have heard so much of it since I moved away from central Florida (the picture below shows lightning striking near Orlando’s tallest building).  However, the temperature was too chilly (by my standards) for a summertime thunderstorm, so it wasn’t completely like the weather in the old country.

I have a knack for getting caught outside when the weather is at its worst, and it happened yesterday; the storm peaked on my way home from work.  Since it happened to be Good Friday, I was reminded of the Biblical account which stated how the sky grew dark while Jesus was on the cross.  Presumably it was overcast like what I experienced yesterday.  After I got home, it remained wet, though not stormy, for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Today, however, it’s sunny and in the 50s, so I’ll probably get to mow the lawn this weekend.

Last February 24, I wrote about how a one-block stretch of Mapleleaf Drive had been closed for a sewer line project, and it caused traffic snarls all over the neighborhood.  Well, that’s finally over.  First I expected it would only take a day, a week at the most; then I heard that the road would reopen on March 27, but as March became April, the barricades were still up.  It wasn’t until last Thursday that I heard on the radio that the project was finished, and today, while driving to the gas station, I went to check it out.  If the project had gone for one more week, the road would have been closed for exactly two months.  Better late than never, I guess.

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