A Chilly Erev Pesach

Tonight marks the beginning of Passover. However, the weather here is unusually cold; I don’t think the Israelites had to concern themselves with snow when they left Egypt.  At least the freeze warning issued for yesterday didn’t happen.  We got cold rain, and some snow and sleet, even a bit of hail around Georgetown, but none of it lasted long enough to kill any blossoms, and today the temperature got up to 59.

Today I got an e-mail from the church I attended in Florida which read, “What a great Seder. Everything ran like a clock! It was evident that the Lord was in it.”  I take that to mean their annual Passover celebration took place yesterday.  Standard procedure is to invite about 200 guests from other churches and synagogues, and all of us in the congregation help out.  Usually I would be one of those carrying the hot & heavy pans, Leive would serve the food to the lines of guests, and Lindy would pass desserts around.  Its sounds like work, but it also was fun, and I greatly enjoyed the cameraderie with other church members.  Once we ran out of matzohs after the guests had been served, so another member broke out a bag of nacho chips for us (Mexican matzoh with horseradish!).

Yesterday I took the day off to go to Cincinnati, so Leive and I could get fingerprinted by the Department of Homeland Security.  Driving conditions weren’t as bad as I feared; about halfway to Ohio it cleared up, and everything was dry and sunny in Cincinnati itself.  How about that, normally the weather is worse in the North than it is here.  Thus, my biggest challenges were finding a parking space in the middle of town (it ended up costing $8 for an hour’s stay!), finding my way back to Interstate 75 when we were done, and getting Leive to a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon.  We also found it interesting that unlike the local police station and my workplace, the Feds have gone high-tech with fingerprinting.  Instead of using ink and cards, they simply put your fingers on a scanner.

Okay, that’s one more step behind us, where the adoption process is concerned.  Pray that it continues with no more delays.

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