Happy Purim 5769!

The year is 5769 on the Jewish calendar, that is.  Yes, this evening marks one of the happiest days of the year.  I don’t have too many new thoughts this time, besides what I expressed in 2007 and 2008, as well as in the message from last March 4.

What I mainly want to point out is that God doesn’t always work with miracles.  Sometimes He is not so obvious, and works with a string of coincidences instead.  The Book of Esther, which the holiday of Purim celebrates, is a fine example of the latter.  When I lived in Florida, the church I attended there regularly hosted meetings with Rabbi Eliezer Waldman, the headmaster of the yeshiva in Hebron, Israel.  Once he visited us at Purim, and I remember him saying that “a coincidence is G-d incognito.”  Indeed, the Lord is not mentioned once in the Book of Esther, but His handiwork in the events of that story are visible, to anyone willing to see.

Last week I also shared a cartoon from the Jerusalem Post comic strip, Dry Bones.  Here is another one, which explains the difference between Purim and the next holiday coming up, Passover:


When it comes to coincidences, I can agree.  I’ve experienced a series of them over the past three years, starting with the rescue of a cardinal from a cat, in my Florida driveway at the beginning of 2006.  If you’re not familiar with my story, read By the Grace of God and a Female Cardinal, on The Xenophile Historian, and A Mission From God on this blog.  No doubt there will be more before my adventure in Kentucky is over.

Chag Sameach (Happy Holidays), to everyone reading this!

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