Here’s Hoping the Rest of February Will Be More Moderate

On Wednesday, I finally got around to shoveling the driveway.  The snow came off all right, but after working for an hour and a half, I hadn’t gotten anywhere with the ice underneath, which was up to two inches thick in some spots.  That’s the real danger around my doorstep, but in the fight between the shovel and the ice, the shovel got the worst of it.  Then on Thursday I tried using a hammer, but that only broke the ice when I hit the edges of the sheet, so I ended up having to wait until it melts.  Good thing we haven’t had company over in the meantime.

Last Thursday morning, it was only 1 degree F. above zero as I drove to work.  Since then we have been seeing a gradual warming trend.  For the rest of Thursday the temperature only got up to freezing, but at least the roads dried off.  Then on Friday came a real warming, up to the low 50s.  Remember the other day when I said that back in Florida, I never thought I’d see the day when 50 degrees would be considered “warm?”  I’m feeling that way again.  There’s still some ice in the driveway, and snow in a few patches here and there (mainly in shaded areas), but with a high of 59 forecast for today, I expect that will be gone by sundown.  And maybe today I won’t hear the furnace running constantly while inside.

Speaking of Florida, I hear there was some more frost down there, with it getting down to 26 on one day in Orlando.  I hope my Dad’s citrus trees are all right; we picked some tangerines and calamondins off them, on last December’s trip.

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