Our Worst Ice Storm Ever!


You know how Google likes to observe obscure holidays by putting pictures of them on the Google.com homepage?  I forgot to mention that this week they did it again.  They didn’t mention Chinese New Year last Monday, but on Wednesday they posted the above picture to commemorate the birthday of Jackson Pollock.  Pollock is the guy who made abstract paintings by putting a canvas on the floor, swinging paint cans over them, and calling it art.  It seems appropriate, in view of the mess we’ve got outside.

Anyway, it’s official; this week’s ice storm is the worst in the history of Kentucky.  Earlier in the week I heard old-timers comparing it to the last big ice storm (2003 around here, 1994 in western Kentucky).  Now in terms of damaged trees and power lines and power outages, this storm has outdone all previous ones.  The number of people without electricity has climbed to 607,000, but help is on the way.  This morning I heard about electric companies from as far away as North Carolina sending crews to help.

However, we’re not out of the woods yet.  Another cold front came in today, bringing a little more snow, as if we didn’t have enough already!  There’s still so much snow in our neighborhood that when I went to work this morning, the car tried to slide down the first hill sideways.  Too bad I can’t commute with a sled.  And now I’m hearing we may get another big storm on Monday, with possible blizzard-like conditions in the mountains.

Since I wasn’t here when the previous ice storms hit, I still try to compare this with the hurricanes I’ve been through.  When Hurricane Charley struck central Florida in August 2004, Orlando was left without power, and the whole city missed out of that year’s Olympics before it was completely restored.  Now it looks like Lexington will miss out on Sunday’s Superbowl, since much of the city will probably have no power for the next week, maybe even into mid-February.

Over on the Free Republic website, some politically-minded Kentuckians are calling this storm “Sarah Palin’s Revenge,” or the “White Katrina.”  Well, I did blame it on Al Gore already; why does he have to make his speeches on global warming at this time of the year?


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