Did I say “Winter Wonderland” Yesterday?

Today I got out, and “winter wasteland” might be a better description of what I saw.  The trees are all loaded with ice; where the branches haven’t broken off, they hang down so far that every tree that isn’t an evergreen looks like a willow.  And plenty of snow for some time to come.  According to the weather forecast, we’re not likely to see temperatures above freezing until Sunday.  Therefore more branches are likely to fall before the ice melts off, and the lights are going to go off for more people, where the branches hit power lines.

Ice storms may not happen as quickly as the other kinds of storms, but they still can be damaging and dangerous.  By contrast, if I parked my car under a tree in Florida, the only things I had to worry about were sap (if the tree was a pine), or bird poop.

Speaking of lights out, as of this morning, 525,000 people in Kentucky are without electricity,  of which 36,000 are in Lexington.  The governor has already declared the whole state a disaster area.  The power is still out in Richmond, and I hear counties like Garrard and Wolfe are more than half dark.  Here in town the worst hit area is the southwest side, between Versailles and Harrodsburg Rd.

Gene & Rezia came over again today, and this evening we had a bit of a shell game, as I moved my car out of the garage, so Gene could put his truck in there and rearrange the stuff in the back without freezing, and then after they left, I put my car back in the garage because some of the ice from Tuesday and Wednesday hasn’t melted yet.  The commute to work wasn’t as bad as the one on Tuesday, but I saw another guy in a jeep get stuck in a snowdrift in the parking lot.  We’re still on a skeleton crew in the office, inasmuch as some of my co-workers are in the dark at home.  I was surprised to learn from the boss that ten folks showed up yesterday; he wasn’t there very long himself.

And if that wasn’t enough news for the day, I also hear there was an earthquake centered on Williamsburg, a town just eleven miles north of the Kentucky-Tennessee border on I-75.  Only 3.1 on the Richter scale, though, so I don’t think there were any injuries or damage.  Oh well, let’s hope for an uninteresting day tomorrow.

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